This is a game prototype I put together using only assets made by Kenney, with a few additions of my own. It's just a prototype so there are a few things that wont work or do anything, mainly scrap, you can pick it up but you cant do anything with it.

So 'GOML' is a game (maybe) where you defend your homestead from angry zombie invaders, only pistols and kick at the moment im afraid but the framework for other weapons is in there. Zombie pathing is for a better word awful, ha! Zombies will break down doors and windows however and maybe the player if they are not looking. Day and night cycle is in there and look at that lighting, its pretty good, needs tweaking though.

So there we go, tell me what you think, should I finish this game? Oh and by the way I would plan to add construction of course, junk cannons and the like.

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